beLOey is a French Trip Hop Electro artist based in Paris (Fr) and Liverpool (Uk).
Since 2011, beLOey has released Trip Hop oriented music with a tone of Electro music.
Inspired by Luke Vibert, Blockhead, Caribou, Bonobo and DJ Shadow, he works in the spirit that the only boundaries in music are the ones you place on yourself.

2017 SVEGA
Signed on the Canadian label Mode 33 Records for this new release, beLOey has develop a new sound, more Electro but not less trippy.

A mix of organic house and dreamy sounds.
SVEGA means ALL in Bosnian and this new work is based on the human diversity.

After beLOey's tour in eastern Europe in 2013 he came back with this idea of an anthropological music piece, showing different sides of the human being.